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Lo-Density® All-In-One
Storage Tank/Hot Oil Heater

This remarkable Heater Kit can be used for heating an asphalt tank and supplying hot oil for the plant.

OPERATIONAL FEATURES - Maintaining asphalt at desired temperatures is a primary feature of this new PHCo heating system. In addition it circulates oil through scavenger coils and over thermostat controlled electric booster heating elements. This provides hot oil for heating of jacketed lines, pumps and valves, drags, silo cones and plant components. The scavenger coils allow for quick heat up while booster coils elevate oil temperatures above the asphalt storage temperature if higher temperature hot oil is required.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Just cut an opening through the head of the tank and slide it in place. Then weld and install insulation and weatherproof jacketing.  The U.L. listed control panel is mounted at the factory pre-wired to the heater as are controls and sensors.

ECONOMICAL - It is 100% efficient as soon as it is installed by pinpointing heat where it is needed. Stays 100% efficient for decades.

ENVIRONMANTALLY FRIENDLY - Since there is no fuel required and no stacks, air quality is not a factor.

LO-DENSITY TECHNOLOGY - Tank and oil heaters are of exclusive Lo-Density® design which
eliminates coking or damaged asphalt or oil.

HIGH TEMPERATURE CENTRIFUGAL PUMP - Close-coupled to a 3 H.P. TEFC motor, it flows to 85 GPM at 140 FT total head.  The pump is skid mounted and pre-plumbed complete with shut off valves and strainer.

EXPANSION TANK - Sight viewing level indicator and low level cut off switch are standard on each tank.  Mounting the tank above the highest point aids in removing air, provides flooded pump suction and keeps oil cool when in contact with the atmosphere reducing oxidation of the heat transfer oil.

GUARANTEE - Heating elements carry our standard 5 year replacement guarantee, and are listed by E.T.L.

STATE OF THE ART CONTROLS - A seven day programmable clock starts the heating process automtically.  The main disconnect circuit breaker de-energizes power when the panel door is open. Overcurrent Protection is the result of individually fused heat circuits. The motor is overload protected as well. Controls are U.L. listed.

INTERLOCKING CAPABILITY - By interlocking with other equivalent or larger electric users in the plant, excessive demand charges can be eliminated. Say, for example, the exhaust fan starts, the All-In-One heater shuts off thereby reducing your energy consumption. The circulating pump will
continue to run and scavenge heat from the liquid for your hot oil needs.

THREE STANDARD SIZES AVAILABLE - This energy saving heater comes in 60, 100 or 125 kW total rating as standards. Call factory for other sizes to meet your needs.

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