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Lo-Density® Drop-In
Distributor Truck and
Underground Storage Tank Heaters




PHCo’s Lo-Density® Drop In Heaters have been used for the heating of underground tanks and distributor trucks for decades. The heaters are intended to be “Dropped In” through a manway and attached horizontally to the tank bottom. If needed multiple heaters are laid end to end with flexible high temperature power leads.  These heaters can also be appropriate for other above ground applications.

PHCo Drop In Tank Heater Kit includes a UL Listed control panel with digital thermostats for tank contents temperature control. The complete kit includes heaters, controls, temperature sensors, wiring boxes and transition fittings for the tank top. 

As with all PHCo Lo-Density® products our heater kits are safe, reliable and 100% efficient, since 1947. 

Illustration courtesy of Asphalt Pro Magazine.

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