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Lo-Density® Hot Oil
Heat Transfer Systems

With over 65 years experience in the manufacturing business, PHCo has emerged as the builder of the highest quality Hot Oil Heat Transfer systems in the industry. These units use Lo-Density® 100% efficient patented Coil-Lock design heating elements which will eliminate any coking or carbonization of your transfer fluid. PHCo's system will provide automatically controlled, even temperature heat transfer fluid for equipment such as tanks, jacketed lines, pug mills, weigh buckets, jacketed pumps, industrial dryers, silos and drags. PHCo backs up their quality and efficiency with a 5-year warranty on the ETL listed heating elements.

Each unit is a complete system which includes an ASME coded exchanger, covered with high density insulation and an aluminum jacket.  There is a motor-driven, special high-temperature centrifugal pump for circulating heat transfer fluid, and a U.L. Listed industrial control panel in a weatherproof enclosure with standards like a 7-day, 24-hour time clock for early morning start-up, main indicating and over temperature controls.  Also included in the package is a properly sized expansion tank with a sight glass and a low level shut-off switch.

PHCo takes the time to add many convenient features like a strainer for easy cleaning, shut off valves for the system and fill lines, and strategically located air purge valves to assist the system is completely pre-wired, pre-plumbed, and ready for installation and years of maintenance free service in tough industrial settings.
PHCo prides itself in knowing that their quality products meet or exceed standards set by the industry. Safety, reliability, durability, ease of automation, and low maintanance requirements are what give PHCo's systems the competitive edge. 

       All PHCo Heating Systems are environmentally safe.

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