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Heated Pump Enclosures


The PHCo "Pump-in-Box" is offered two ways. Both systems are heated to assure the pump and valves are always at the correct temperature and ready to operate. The complete assembly consists of either a gear reduction, or a direct-driven/positive displacement gear pump and valves, with heavy duty electric motor - all mounted on a common base which in turn is fitted into an enclosed insulated steel box with split, removable cover. The base-mounted driving motor is located outside the heated enclosure, away from the heat zone.

The pumping unit can be fitted compactly into the head of the storage tank, making the PHCo internal "Pump-in-Box" an integral part of the tank.

Free Standing:
The free standing version can be mounted near the tank and plumbed back to the tank, making the PHCo free standing "Pump-in-Box" very versitile.




•Reversing switchgear and various valve arrangements can be furnished to accomplish
  needed requirements.
•Options for pumping from either single or multiple tanks to plant, from one tank to fill
  another, from truck transport or to distributor and draining the lines prior to shutdown.
•Pump and valves heated with adjustable thermostatic control.
•Sizes available range from 5 gpm up to 300 gpm.
•Operating temperatures up to 400 deg F.
•240/480+575 Volt Single and Three Phase available.
•UL Listed controls mounted and wired to the systems operate the heaters and pumps
  with full overload protection on the motors.

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