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Lo-Density® Tank
Suction Heating Systems


Only Heat Your Product When Needed - Apply energy to liquids as they are being drawn from storage tanks. Sizes available up to 600 kW.

Reduced Energy Consumption - Reduce or eliminate storage tank maintenance heating. 100% of the energy consumed goes into your product when needed.

Simple Installation - Cut a round opening in the tank head or sidewall, install heater assembly and weld liquid tight. The U.L. Listed control panel is factory mounted and wired to the heaters. All temperature controls and sensors are factory installed.

Economical To Operate - 100% efficient the day it is installed and after 20 years of service. Pinpoint heating puts energy where it is needed with no wasted energy. Electric heat is 100% efficient during the life of the heater.

Flange Mounted Heater Bundle - Entire assembly can be removed from the tank for cleaning and maintenance.

Lo-Density Technology - All heaters are of the Lo-Density® design to eliminate the possibility of coking or damaging temperature sensitive products. Heating elements carry our standard 5 year replacement guarantee and are listed by ETL.

Drywell Design - Heating elements are installed in 3" O.D. x .065" tubing (dry wells). The elements are accessable from outside the tank eliminating the need to drain the tank to service the elements.

Environmentally Friendly - No fuel burned. No stack to monitor for emissions. No air quality or boiler permits to worry about.

U.L. Listed Controls - Completely automatic operation. Main indicating temperature control regulates the discharge product temperature. High limit control for safety is included. Main disconnect and individual fused heat circuits provide overcurrent protection. All components are mounted and prewired in a NEMA type 4 enclosure.

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