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Lo-Density® Tac King
Emulsion Tac Tank




It's what you want if you're responsible for getting the right kind of equipment to the job.  Tac-King is compact and lightweight, extremely durable and virtually maintenance free.  It does the tough jobs with precision control.

Big capacity!
Long reach!

The two-compartment tank supplies 100 gallons of tack materials and 20 gallons of diesel for cleanup. A 30-foot hose gives the reach you need, and PHCo's wand control gives instant and precise control.

Perfect companion to your Patch-King.

Take Tac-King along for patches that stick to the job. It's the perfect companion to your Patch-King unit.  Just bolt it on or, if you'd rather, just slip it into the bed of your truck for tacking.

Electrically heated!
Hydraulically powered!

PHCO prides itself in knowing that their quality products must meet or exceed standards set by the industry.  Safety, reliability, durability, ease of automation and low maintenance requirements are what give PHCo's system the competitive edge.


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