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Lo-Density® Unitized
Storage Tank Heater



The Cost Effective Choice - applications for;



Unitized Heaters remain Process Heating Company's best selling product line. Its popularity continues due to the ease of installation into any tank or vat; its 100% efficiency; its ease of automation; its lack of maintenance and remarkable reliability.
The “Lo-Density” Unitized Heater dissipates as low as three watts per square inch on the heater sheath. Temperature sensitive materials are those which become damaged when too much heat is applied too quickly. Such products need to be heated by a carefully controlled system that reduces the viscosity so the material can be utilized in industrial applications. This makes the PHCo Unitized Heater viable with most temperature sensitive products for industry.
Unitized Heating systems are designed for easy installation. Tanks can be vertical or horizontal because dimensions are adjustable.  Installation is achieved by cutting a rectangular opening near the bottom of the tank. Heating elements / U.L. Listed control panel assembly is slid into place. PHCo heaters are far less trouble to install than coils for steam or heat transfer fluid because they are direct immersion heaters. No additional energy source is required.  Simply hook up to utility or Gen-set power.
Unitized Heaters can be interfaced with other electrical equipment so the load of the heaters can be reduced to base rates and not incur demand charges or peak use rates, making our 100% efficient heaters even more cost effective.
Our heating elements have a five year warranty and require no maintenance other than an annual check-up.


Features: · Heater materials – mild steel and various grades of stainless steel
· Sheath thickness – up to .300” wall thickness for durability and corrosion resistance
· Kilowatt ratings – up to 1,000 kW
· Watt Densities – up to 20 watts per square inch, less than 10 is standard
· Voltages available – up to 600 VAC, single or 3 phase
· Immersion length – up to 40 feet
· Terminal enclosure – Moisture resistant standard. Some sizes available as explosion resistant
· Open coil elements – Pipe insert type, drywell elements for ease of service

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