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Standard Dump Model Patch King

The Patch King provides trouble free asphalt patching capable of heating your patch mix effortlessly without hot or cold spots. No propane or open flame on public streets. Keep hot mix hot and usable all day and even overnight for use the next day. Heats cold mix to a more workable temperature in cold climates. Has timeclock for early morning pre-heating. Uses safe, clean, reliable electric heat. Just plug it in. U.L. Listed controls are the brains of all Patch King models.

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Rotary Auger Patch King

The reversible rotary conveyor is driven by a hydraulic motor and supported by heavy-duty ball bearings. A mix/anti-bridging device features separate hydraulic drive and controls. The wear parts, including auger and trough, are easily replaceable. Reversible auger feeds patch mix to work area to eliminate costly dump beds and hoists. All other features are the same as our standard model.

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Trailer Patch King

Now Process Heating Company introduces the all new trailer mounted Patch King that can go anywhere, anytime. This is our first trailer mounted version using electric heat. The PK30T model has most of the benefits of the standard model including: automatic control, meaning it can hold unused mix overnight for use the next day; it can be hitched to your truck and ready to go in minutes; the thermostat control will hold cold or hot mix from 50 - 350 degrees.

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Tack King

It's what you want if you're responsible for getting the right kind of equipment to the job. Tac-King is compact and light-weight, extremely durable and virtually maintenance free. It does the tough jobs with precision control. The tank holds 100 gallons of Tack Oil and 20 gallons of "release agent".  Hydraulically driven gear pump feeds a 30' hose/spray wand.

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